The Harp is Beautiful & Versatile

Available for all of your marital and corporate events.

Terry McDade with his Lyon and Healy

Wedding Ceremonies 

Live music designed to cater to your every desire on your special day no matter the size and venue. Enjoy your favourite songs on your special day for cocktail receptions, ceremonies and dance.

Available as a single, Duo with violin or flute or the Harpe Jazz Ensemble. Contact here for more details: email

Corporate Events

Live music is best for your corporate event. A wide variety of musical styles available for any of your events, including Christmas parties. Single, duo or large ensembles with flexible rates to fit your needs.

Available as a single, Duo with violin or flute or the Harpe Jazz Ensemble. Contact here for more details: email

New Lyon & Healy Harps For Sale – in stock

I’m excited to announce that our new stock of Lyon and Healy harps are in and are now available for purchase. Along with these beautiful instruments we also have a wide variety of other models available to suit your need. Please contact us through this site for more information and to set up an appointment to see these beautiful instruments. We also have several Harps available to rent.


Troubador Lever Harp – The world’s best-selling lever harp, the Lyon & Healy Troubadour VI is the perfect instrument for both beginning and experienced harpists. With 5 complete octaves, the Troubadour VI has the same string spacing and tension as Lyon & Healy pedal harps. The Troubadour’s Sitka Spruce soundboard help give it a clear, full sound. Fitted with Performance levers.

Available in Mahogany. 36 strings: 1st octave C to 6th octave C; Height: 65 1/2″ (166 cm); Soundboard Width: 15 1/8″ (38 cm); Extreme Width: 30″ (76 cm); Weight: 38 lbs (17 Kg).

Style 85 - E

Style 85 Extended Petite

Style 85 – E – A contemporary harp designed by Lyon & Healy in 1985, the Style 85 is marked by its pure elegance and its affordability. Subtle in design but equal in quality of sound and craftsmanship to other Lyon & Healy harps, the Style 85′s ornamentation is sparse, bringing focus to its fluted Hard Maple column, the fluid curves in the base and showcasing the classic harmonic outline of the harp. The solid brass action plates feature restrained decoration. Petite but with an extended soundboard.

Available in Mahogany. 40 Strings: 1st Octave E to 6th Octave A; Height: 64 5/8″ (164 cm); Soundboard Width: 18″ (47 cm); Extreme Width: 34″ (86 cm); Weight: 62 lbs (28 kg).

Ogden Lever Harp

Ogden Lever Harp – An ideal harp for both professional folk harpers and beginners alike, the Lyon & Healy Ogden is built with a Hard Maple body and a Sitka Spruce soundboard to give it a rich, resonant sound. Its responsive tone is big enough for any venue, while the Ogden’s light weight and size make it easy to transport; fitted with Performance levers.

Available in Mahogany and Natural finish. 34 strings: 1st octave A to 6th octave C; Height: 53” (135 cm); Soundboard Width: 14″ (36 cm); Extreme Width: 28″ (71 cm); Weight: 28 lbs (13 Kg).

Documentary Film – The McDades – Brother Brother Sister Making Music

We’re happy to announce the release of the feature length documentary The McDades – Brother Brother Sister Making Music. Here’s the official press release for the film:

The McDades – Brother Brother Sister Making Music is a feature-length documentary about the Juno Award-winning band The McDades. It’s a documentary where music is at the heart of everything. It celebrates family, great music and what it takes to make it as non-commercial artists in Canada.

Siblings Shannon Johnson, Solon McDade and Jeremiah McDade are The McDades. Their Celtic-rooted music fuses the spontaneity of jazz improvisation with infectious global rhythms. Their unique sound is the perfect complement to their fiery performances.

Filmed in Edmonton and Montreal, and on tour in Alberta and the Netherlands, the film offers a glimpse into the real lives of these hugely likeable, talented and hard-working musicians.

Purchase The McDades – Brother Brother Sister Making Music here.

Here is a link to the Facebook page for the film: FACEBOOK